Thursday, May 27, 2010

New House in North America

Now a days, Architects lost their role in domesticity and small project which is dominant part in architecture. The mass media and magazines encourage Do-it-yourself culture and produce many star designers who is interior designer and contractor but architect. Architects are apart from dominant daily subject in North America.

On the other hand, Asia has a different soical cognition about the architect. The role of architect is very important in all design process. Especially in small house project, their role as a space designer is indispensable. For example, japanese house is all about function and transformation not only because of their culture but also their limitation of space. To create efficient space in small and limited space, it is essential to have an architect. And this compact and transformative house suggests a possibility of new house which focuses on single family, eco-friendly, and energy efficiency.

Compare with Asia, North America has a huge land where people can build big houses. However, now it is a time to consider about environmental aspect which is a big issue. Technologically developed and transformable multi-function house could be the next house in North America. Just like LeCorbusier's "The house is machine for living in." or Archigram's machin like future architecture.

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