Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Architecture + Technology

Reyner Banham (multiplied and, yes, naked) occupies an un-house. This illustration by Francois Dallegret show’s Banham’s Environment Bubble, a “transparent plastic bubble dome inflated by air-conditioning output.” At its center is a Transportable Standard of Living Package that provides all mechanical services, entertainment, etc. The drawing accompanies Banham’s 1965 essay, “A Home is not a House,” which begins, “When your house contains such a complex of piping, flues, ducts, wires, lights, inlets, outlets, ovens, sinks, refuse disposers, hi-fi reverberators, antennae, conduits, freezers, heaters – when it contains so many services that the hardware could stand up by itself without any assistance from the house, why have a house to hold it up?”

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